Applying for a Thai Retirement Visa

The process in obtaining a Thailand Retirement visa conversion must be done within the last 15 days remaining on your permit to stay. The applicant must enter either on a 30 day tourist visa or a 60 day tourist visa to be able to go through conversion to an initial 90-day non-immigrant o visa.

Applying for a Thai Retirement VisaApplying for a Thai Retirement Visa

There are specific documents required for this visa type, a proof of residency in Thailand is required, and this can be done by providing a utility bill or rental agreement displaying the applicant’s name. Which is in addition to the financial requirement of having a bank account in Thailand with savings of at least 800,000THB.

If you are not in a hurry and can be able to visit the Thai embassy or consulate in your country of residence, a Thai Retirement Visa under Non-immigrant OA can be applied from overseas, however, not all are able to issue such visa prior to your travel to Thailand. It is advised to check first before applying. Applying for a Thai retirement visa can be easy.

Retirement Visa Renewal

Renewal of the Thai Retirement Visa can be done annually and is subject to requirements set forth for the visa application on the first time. Proof of funds in the holder’s Thai Bank Account must be deposited and cleared 3 months from the time of the visa renewal application date. It is best to check recently issued updates on visa renewal, as circumstances might change.

Below are basic requirements for Thailand Retirement visa:

  • ·         Completed TM7 Form
  • ·         Original valid passport
  • ·         2 passport size photos (4×6 cm.)
  • ·         Photocopy of passport and relevant pages
  • ·         Copy of bank book or passbook with letter from the bank
  • ·         Fee for Visa renewal (1,900 Baht)

Employment is prohibited for Thailand Retirement visa holders. And the holder of a Thai Retirement Visa is required to report address every 90 days. This 90-day reporting can be done by any of the following means:

  • ·         Personal appearance submission at a Thai Immigration Office
  • ·         By mail
  • ·         Through and by a Power of Attorney to report the visa holder’s address

If by any chance you are overseas at the time of your scheduled 90-day reporting, you will be required to do the report of your address, 3 months from the date of your entry back in Thailand.

By Robert De Klerk

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