Divorce in Thailand

When you divorce in Thailand you will need to find a Thailand divorce lawyer. When a marriage fails, at least one of the parties involved would want a divorce. In Thailand, dissolution of marriage is possible through filing for a Divorce. Marriage and divorce during retirement is not uncommon. Always take proper legal advice when you get married in Thailand when you are retiring in Thailand. Divorce has consequences which many do not see.

Divorce in Thailand:

Registering a divorce by mutual consent

  •  The key point in this type of divorce is that both parties consent of the termination of their marriage – the husband and the wife both are willing to end their marriage. For this type of divorce, the couple is required to register their divorce at the District Office where they had their marriage registered in the first place. Documents such as Thai national ID, marriage certificate, house registration and passport of the foreign born individual should be presented. Any settlement related to the marriage will be filed at the District office at the time of the registration of the divorce.

Divorce by Court Settlement

  • If the couple agreed to divorce but have pending issues regarding the division of marital assets, child custody and support including visitation rights – then court settlement needs to be sought. The court will be given authority to decide and issue an order pertaining to the settlement which makes it legally enforceable. A court order is issued under this type of divorce and both parties cannot breach the agreement made.

In cases where one party is not willing to end the marriage, or only one spouse wants a divorce, there will be court proceedings – all decisions will be done by the court. The decision will be based on the evidences provided supporting the claim for the grounds to be used. Aside from choosing the most applicable divorce option for you, you should know that there are variations with each Divorce in Thailandcondition of divorcing couples. Consider the divorce in Thailand with proper legal advice.

Divorcing between Thai couples is quite easy, especially in a Thailand uncontested divorce. However, in intercultural marriages which was registered in Thailand, conditions and certain requirements are almost the same. The divorcing couple should register the divorce at the district office with all the civil documents required. Additionally, the foreign spouse should present his passport. The divorce certificate will be issued on the same day.

If the marriage was done overseas, and one party is Thai: if the marriage was reported at the district office where the Thai national lives, then the answer is YES – the couple could proceed to the district office and file for a Thailand divorce. If the marriage was not reported in Thailand, you will need to report the marriage first at the district office . Only if the marriage has been reported at the district office where the Thai party lives can the divorce be registered at the same district office. always understand divorce in Thailand.

By Robert De Klerk

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