Retirement Visa application

Retirement Visa application in Thailand is an upfront process, but, it has become a puzzling topic in the recent years due to the changes of financial part required by the Thai immigration. These differ not only throughout the Thai Embassies and Consulates abroad, but also within the different immigration offices in Thailand.

Retirement Visa application

Thailand has been the center for retirement for all.  The Kingdom has been viewed perfectly, as a wonderful and great place to retire, making it a second home for foreigners.

Requirements for applicants of Thai Retirement Visa:

  • Must be at least 50 years old
  • Must meet the financial requirement of 800,000 Thai Baht in a Thai bank solely under the applicant’s name

If applying as a couple, the above financial requirement applies individually, and must be met per person or applicant. Unless, otherwise, if the spouse is below 50 years old, wherein he/ she can be a dependent on your Retirement visa.

Retirement Visa applicationAn initial non-immigrant o must be applied for and extending it to a year before the 90-day visa is due to expire. Specific requirements must be submitted, failure to submit the basic documents for the visa application will cause a delay and visa not to be granted at the time of visa application at the Thai Immigration office.

The Non-Immigrant O visa extension in Thailand requires you to provide proof of residency in Thailand, together with the financial capability and specific requirement as set by the Thai immigration. The visa extension to 1 year Retirement visa process can be done at the Thai immigration office nearest to you. Once granted, the Thailand Retirement visa is renewable every year within Thailand. The application for the renewal should be done at least 15 days remaining on your visa expiration date.

It has always been a hassle to most retirees regarding documentations, seeing it as complicated, time consuming and confusing. We strongly advise to contact an immigration specialist to assist you with the visa process. Contact GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand now for more details about your retirement visa application!

By Robert De Klerk

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