How to qualify for a Retirement Visa

Problems retiring in Thailand are not unknown. For most foreign retirees, they have been dreaming of living in a country and relocating along the beach side or mountain side, away from all pollution and traffic. Thailand has always been one of the first choice and destination for retirement.

Problems retiring in Thailand

Thailand has opened up its door for those who wish to settle for good in their retirement years. If you are at your retirement age, and currently at 50 or older, then you can apply for a Retirement visa in Thailand. An initial visa can be applied for which is called the Thai non-immigrant “O-A” visa. This is only good for 90 days and will be extended to a year Reirement visa. Renewals for the succeeding years is also possible without the need of leaving the country. This is How to qualify for a Retirement Visa in Thailand

Problems retiring in ThailandHow to financially qualify for a Retirement Visa in Thailand?

–  You will need to show 800,000THB in a local Thai bank account. You will also need to show the money in a bank account and show that it has been there for at least 3 months.

Financial requirement are being updated yearly and best to make sure on how you would qualify to avoide delays and issues u=on your Thailand Retirement visa application.

There are two ways to apply for a Thai Retirement visa, which is a visa application submitted overseas at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate or within Thailand. If you have entered by and though a tourist visa, you can have this visa converted in Thailand without leaving the country. The visa conversion can be processed given you have 15 days remaining on your permit to stay in Thailand, based on your visa validity upon entry in Thailand.

The step-by-step process and requirements may seem difficult to sort out, and it is always best to seek legal advice and guidance from an immigration lawyer in Thailand. Search this website for more information as to – How to qualify for a Retirement Visa and more. There are other Problems retiring in Thailand then you can find on the GAM Legal Alliance website such as bank account and obtaining custom clearance for your goods from home.


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By Robert De Klerk

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