Requirements for Retirement Visa

These are the requirements for retirement visa. At retirement age, you might be pondering where to spend your retirement years. Thailand has been the place considered by many for retirement. Considering the environment and way of living in this Kingdom, made it one of the best place to come for retirement. some do opt for a Thai marriage visa explained here.

Requirements for Retirement Visa

Thailand has welcomed foreigners for long term stay and below are the eligibility for a Retirement visa in Thailand.

  • ·         You must be 50 years of age or older
  • ·         Your passport must have 12 to 18 months remaining before expiration
  • ·         You must hold a nationality or permanent residency of the country of application if initial application done overseas
  • ·         You must have a valid passport
  • ·         You must have met the Financial requirements

Requirements for Retirement VisaThe advantage of having a Thailand Retirement visa is that you are allowed to stay in Thailand for 12 months (Renewable) provided all requirements are met at the time of visa renewal.

Restrictions: Employment of any kind, including volunteer work, is strictly PROHIBITED.

Initial documents required for visa application:

For overseas applicants, documents required may differ and must have to check updated list as set by the respective royal Thai embassy or consulate in your country of residence. For those applying inside Thailand, below are basic list of documents needed.

  • ·         Application for Visa Form TM7
  • ·         Passport photos 2“x2“ (colored, front-view, recent or within 6 months, name and last name written on the back of each)
  • ·         Signed copies of Passport pages with Immigration stamps and departure card

Financial Requirement

  • ·         Copies of Bank Statement and Bank Guarantee letter certifying the balance of 800,000 Baht on savings account (must not be requested not a week old from the date of visa application)

Thai Immigration Rules are updated annually and it is best to check the requirements needed for your Retirement visa application. Speak with a Thai Immigration lawyer to make sure of a smooth visa application process. Always check as the requirements for retirement visa does change.

By Robert De Klerk

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