Thai Retirement Visa Process

This is the Thai retirement visa process. Your Thai Retirement Visa is a long term visa under which you will be eligible to apply when you reach the aged of 50. This type of visa is valid for one year and renewed annually without the need to travel overseas. It requires a 90-day reporting to your nearest Immigration Office as well. A re-entry permit (Single or Multiple Re-entry) shall also be required if ever you will be traveling overseas on this Thailand Retirement visa.  Leaving the country without acquiring a re-entry permit would make your visa invalid, upon return you will need to re-apply for a new one.

Thai Retirement Visa Process

A re-entry permit can be applied at the time visa application for your Thai Retirement Visa or you may do in the latter when needed.

The following documents are required when applying for a Re-entry permit:

  • Form TM8
  • Signed Passport photo page
  • Signed Passport with recent visa stamp
  • Signed Passport page showing entry immigration stamp
  • Signed Copy of Arrival or Departure card
  • Passport type photo (2“x2“ colored, front view, taken recently or within 6 months)

A single re-entry permit shall be required if you will be traveling once a year, however, if traveling often, a multiple Entry Permit will be advised, as it will be valid until the expiration date of your Thai Retirement Visa Processcurrent Visa. Note the Thai retirement visa process does change so check with an immigration lawyer.

There are several issues regarding the 90-day reporting. This process is required to formally notify the Thai Government that you are still living in Thailand and which address you are at. Every 90 days, you must notify them in person or by mail your current address. Be mindful of the stated 90-day reporting date stated, as failure to report has a penalty of 2,000THB.

If you are scheduled for a 90-day reporting and you are overseas, upon your return, you must count 90 days from that, and that would activate the next 90-day reporting for yourself.

The 90-day reporting is a time consuming process in which one can do it on your behalf if you are on a tight schedule. Contact us today for more information about the Thailand Retirement Visa process.

By Robert De Klerk

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