Retire in Thailand

Retire in Thailand today! Thailand has always been the first choice for retirement across Asia. A great environment, low cost of living expenses and safety matters. The Kingdom has many provinces which has tourist attractions, best sceneries, awesome Thai culture which is very warm and welcoming and place of adventure wherein most foreigners find is a best place to live.

Retire in Thailand

The Thai immigration has set standard process for long term stay that would allow foreign retirees to take advantage for. The whole process for the Thai Retirement Visa requires basic steps with specific requirements to qualify. Recently, there has been updates for the financial requirements and have caused confusions due to the many changes in the Thai immigration processes.

Below are the two (2) basic guidelines for you to be eligible for a Retirement visa:

  1. Foreigner must be at least 50 years old or over at the time of visa application
  2. Foreigner must meet the financial requirements of having a Thai bank account with 800,000 THB savings deposit

There are also two (2) ways to obtain a Thai Retirement Visa:

Applying inside Thailand

  • This process requires an initial application for a Non-Immigrant O Visa. Entering on a tourist visa or 60-day stamp would allow conversion of the visa be done to a 90-day Non-Immigrant O visa at the Thai Immigration office. Yet, the applicant should already meet all the requirements needed, such as remaining 15 days of your visa validity before visa submission, proof of address in Thailand and the financial requirement of having a Thai bank account which has 800,000THB and existing for at least 2 month at the time of visa process if he or she wishes to do the process inside Thailand.

Applying at the Royal Thai embassy or Consulate overseas

  • When applying outside Thailand, a foreigner must check the requirements given by the embassy or consulate. Most likely, this type of visa which is the non-immigrant O-A visa from overseas, requires the applicant to submit a police clearance and medical certificate.

If you wish to retire in Thailand then tale proper legal advice from an immigration lawyer in Thailand.

By Robert De Klerk

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