Retirement Visa renewal

Thailand has been considered as top country to spend your retirement because of inexpensive cost of living, security and safety wise, also for the astonishing weather. A very good place wherein ones culture and tradition are easily embraced. This covers retiring in Thailand with more information.

Retirement Visa renewal

Guidelines to be considered for Retirement in Thailand:

·         Must be at least aged 50 or over from the date of application.

·         Must be able to meet the financial requirement of Savings deposit of at least 800,000 baht in a Thai bank

The retirement visa process for a foreigner submitted outside Thailand can be applied directly from the Royal Thai embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. A 90-day or 1 Year Non-Immigrant OA visa can be given if you can meet the age requirement and documentations as set by the Thai Embassy in their country. Additionally, this visa requires the applicant to submit a medical certificate and police clearance. Te retirement visa renewal is further explained here.

Visa application within Thailand requires a foreigner to apply initially for a Non-Immigrant O visa as a prerequisite to get a 1 year visa extension based on retirement. It is usually applied from the Royal Thai Embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. More specific list and timeline required by the Thai Immigration in order to be issued a Thailand Retirement visa.

The process of the Non-Immigrant O visa extension from 90 days to 1 year inside Thailand can be done at the Immigration office provided that the applicant can present proof of their residency in Thailand and has meet the financial requirements stated for Thailand Retirement visa. Also conversion from a tourist visa to 90 day Non-Immigrant O visa is also possible given there is a remaining 15 days on their visa validity. Always take proper legal advice with the retirement visa renewal as the rules do change.

Visa renewal can be done annually and must be processed before the visa is due to expire, the one year extension of stay can be renewed yearly within Thailand and no need to travel overseas for this process. The process is most likely the same as the initial application, as long as financial requirement met, and documents provided, thus an easier process for renewal.

By Robert De Klerk

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