Thai Retirement with a Spouse

If you wish to obtain your Thai retirement with a spouse then read further. Your Thai retirement visa, or extension of stay based on retirement, has a duration of one year. It is highly recommended not to wait until the year is almost up before renewing it. One can renew his or her visa up to 45 days prior to expiration.

Thai Retirement with a SpouseRenewing your Thailand Retirement Visa

You may renew multiple times as long as requirements are met. Always remember to ensure that your Thai bank account balance does not fall below the 800,000 THB requirement three months prior to renewing your retirement visa.

For those who previously showed proof of income letter from their respective embassies, you should plan earlier prior to visa application as there are recent changes in some embassies which they are unable to provide this income affidavit as before. Currently, most embassies does not issue income affidavits that would leave Retirement visa applicants to obtain the requirements based on savings in a Thai bank account.

The visa process has never been that easy, taking note of the immigration rules and changes. Seeking assistance with an Immigration lawyer would lessen hassle and stress during the visa process.

Thai Retirement with a Spouse

Note that this is for a Thai retirement with a spouse explanation. There are couples who wish to retire in Thailand. In some cases wherein a foreign couple wishes to retire in Thailand, two possibilities are offered:

Each partner obtains a retirement visa meeting the financial requirement of 800,000 THB if both aged 50 or above; or

One of you obtains a retirement visa and the other receives a dependent visa, in which the visa holder is generally the male party if spouse not yet reached the age of 50. In the case of a dependent, Thai immigration requires the financial aspect of the extension to be presented by the male party and not by a joint bank account. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about your Thai retirement with a spouse.

By Robert De Klerk

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